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●That job is actually much bigger than you've ever imagined. Not only is the gastrointestinal system responsible for digesting and
absorbing nutrients from food and for excreting waste, it is also the largest organ of your immune system.
●Your gastrointestinal tract has its own nervous system, technically called the enteric nervous system(ENS) and affectionately dubbed "the second brain" by aficionados. Your ENS has as many nerve cells as your spinal cord and is in costant communication with your brain, impacting mood and cognitive function.
●Microbiome research has blossomed into one of the most discussed topics in applied science. It's become clear that gut microbes help us to be human. The implications of that relationship will be at the cutting edge of clinical research for decades to come.
●The gastrointestinal tract is an organ of detoxification. Most of this resposibility rests with the liver, but the intestinal lining is also rich in detoxifying enzymes.
The liver and gut work together to remove noxious substances derived from food, your environment, gut microbes, and even the operation of your own metabolism and hormones.
●These multiple functions of the digestive system interact with each other and with the food you eat to regulate your nutritional state, your metabolic state, your weight, your pattern of sleep, your energy, and your susceptibility to illness.