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【748】読了☆CHAPTER 11. Other Clinical Conditions That Respond to Niacin


【読了☆CHAPTER 11. Other Clinical Conditions That Respond to Niacin】 #niacintherealstory #niacin #abramhoffer ✴︎
✅Schizophrenia is characterized by major changes in perception and in thinking, with little memory loss, disorientation, and confusion.
✅The adrenochrome hypothesis suggests that if schizophrenic patients have too much adrenochrome or dopachrome(from dopamine) this would protect them from the excessive formation of amyloid.
They(Purohit and colleagues) concluded, " This study provides evidence that elderly patients with schizophrenia are not inordinately prone to the development of AD[Alzheimer's disease] or to increased senile plaques or neurofibrillary tangle formation in the brain."
✅Niacin provides one of a few natural powerful methyl acceptors in the body.
✅Dr. Foster and I(AH) discussed a hypothesis regarding why schizophrenic patients do not get cancer as frequently as patients who are not schizophrenic. We suggest that excess production of adrenochrome, a derivative of adrenalin, creates the psychosis, as it is a hallucinogen. At the same time, it also protects them against cancer, as it is an inhibitor of cell mitosis.
✅A deficiency of l-dopamine was responsible for Parkinson's disease. Later it was found that part of the brain was deficient in coenzyme Q10 and NAD. But unfortunately l-dopamine will be oxidized into l-dopamine, which is toxic.
A deficiency of dopamine and of dopachrome could be a factor in allowing the amyloid fibrils to develop and increased dopachrome- with adequate niacin would be therapeutic.
✅Treatment of PTSD must remove the biochemical disturbances caused by the stress.
The stress caused sustained cellular damage that resulted in a sustained mucq-greater-than-average need for niacin.
【My body and mind were so exhausted from dealing with the pain, going without food, and being unable to sleep, that I was losing hope of ever getting back to normal again.】
【There were brief moments, lying alone, when I felt as if I was leaving my body.】